It’s me!

I am constantly learning from the world around me. I take an interest in everything, really, but I’ve revolved my life around three things: wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, writing, and fitness. I suppose you could throw bartending in there as well since that’s been my paying job and alcohol is great. Ultimately, I want to recount stories of wildlife rehabilitation and share my findings with everyone who cares to listen. Specifically, I work with raptors. The amount of wonderful individuals in this field is staggering; but we’re scattered all over the world. Passing on information can be a challenge and I hope to create a place that can serve to provide it, as well as entertain. Especially entertain: I’m more a storyteller than a research writer.


This is one of the education ambassadors I get to work with. Ladyhawk the redtailed hawk is 25 and certainly isn’t afraid to asert her senior citizen rights.

This is just a blog. I’m new to all this online writing, even though at 23, I should be well on my way to dominating this technical world. My hope is to compile information that others in this field can use without having to search through pages and pages of google. Most of what I publish is going to researched and will often come from those with more experience than myself. I will never claim to be right in any way, that would just be stupid. I welcome those to correct me or to add their experiences and their findings.

-Laryssa Rote

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